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MammothRx is dedicated to advancing the healthcare industry through automation and integrated software solutions.

With a commitment to efficiency, accuracy, and improved patient outcomes, we have developed a diverse range of custom SaaS platforms designed to streamline healthcare processes, enhance collaboration, promote interoperability, and provide real automation across the entire healthcare ecosystem.

What We Do

Building a More Connected Future in Healthcare

01 Interoperability Excellence

Bridging the gap between healthcare stakeholders from manufacturers to doctors, fostering collaboration and communication within the industry.

02 Automation for Efficiency

Seamlessly linking software solutions with existing infrastructures, streamlining operations, and enhancing the way the industry works.

03 Comprehensive Platform Portfolio

Our approach magnifies the benefits of connecting people and systems, driving innovation, and fostering sustainable growth within the industry. Through strategic collaborations and advanced technological integrations, we are not only reshaping how healthcare is delivered but also ensuring that every advancement leads to tangible benefits for all stakeholders involved.

One Source. 

For Everything.

Many of our platforms integrate in real-time with electronic health records (EHRs) and provide services such as supply chain management, enhanced revenue cycle management, patient engagement & record retrieval, telehealth, patient billing, laboratory and more.

Our Mission

To revolutionize healthcare delivery by fostering a connected and automated ecosystem that empowers healthcare providers with tools to deliver high-quality, patient-centric care efficiently and collaboratively.

Our Vision

Connecting People.
Connecting Systems.

We envision a future where healthcare interoperability is the norm and automation drives improved patient outcomes. MammothRx aims to catalyze positive change in the healthcare industry, creating a more connected, efficient, and patient-centric healthcare experience.

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Ryan Hilton

Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Baker

Chief Technology Officer

Kevin Bae

Chief Operating Officer

Dong Zhang

Chief Financial Officer

Max Toovey

Chief Commercial and Strategy Officer

Dave Francolini

Vice President, Sales

Abby Reed

Chief of Staff

Sales and Customer Support

Tom Roy

Program Manager

Alex Banos

Program Specialist


Zeyad Abulathoa

Clinical Laboratory Scientist

Dr. Andrew Burg

Chief Medical Officer

Gerald Delima

Lead Lab Assistant

Luis Vaca

Warehouse Manager

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